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Crypto Virus

If you’re reading this because you have been infected, give us a call to get your data back: Ph: 3103 6763


Are you worried about not getting pictures, document or data back?
Not sure what Bitcoins are, how to buy them without being ripped off?
Worried about paying the ransom and not knowing if you get your data back?


Thousands targeted by ‘ransomware’ email scam which copies AGL Energy bills.



A destructive scam email that infects computers and holds them hostage has successfully targeted at least 10,000 Australians since it was detected this month, a cyber-security analyst says.


The email, purporting to be from energy company AGL, sends a fake bill and prompts the recipient to click on a link to download a copy. It then saves a .zip file on the computer which, when extracted, locks the machine down using malware known as “ransom ware”. The recipient is prompted to pay $US640+ to unlock it (via an online currency called Bitcoin).



Solution to get your data back:

This is the painful part. If your machine has been taken hostage, and all or only some of your files have been encrypted, you need to pay the ransom, there is no way to unlock or decrypt your files without the 128 bit decryption key. We can organise the Bitcoin/s, make the payment on your behalf and decrypt all of your files.


Will you get your data back:

YES – From our experience, you will get everything back. Ironically, the hackers want you to get your files back once the ransom has been paid… they don’t want to get a “bad reputation” for being paid their requested ransom and not providing the decryption key.


The removal procedure:

Once we have your files safely back on our backup server, we manually remove any infected files that could re-encrypt your files … and believe me this has happened L… and yes, you would have to pay again. LL


Your laptop or PC would need to be formatted and re-installed with your operating system. If left decrypted but unformatted there is a chance that some of the original cryptolocker virus can re-infect your machine. So it should  be wiped completely.


Once windows has been re-installed we would copy all your data back to your laptop or PC and install all software, including a proper ANTI-VIRUS. Be warned, sometimes even the best Anti-virus may not be enough.    It depends on how new the virus is. If your virus definitions that you download daily have not been updated to counter the cryptolocker virus “anti-virus” …. You will be infected.



The only way to be sure your data is safe is to backup, be it that it’s to an external hard disc that you connect to backup and put back in the draw or you have invested in an automated offsite backup http://www.ringit.com.au/backup-solutions.php This is the only way to stay safe. Ensure that you pay for a good anti-virus and the definitions are up-to-date. (the free anti-virus don’t cover you for all different type of infections)


If you’re reading this because you have been infected, and want your data back call us on Ph: 3103 6763

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