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Support for Windows 7 is Ending

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Support for Windows 7 is ending

All good things must come to an end, even Windows 7. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. But you can keep the good times rolling by moving to Windows 10.
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Next Generation of Ransomware, Might Leak Your Data, Not Destroy It.

Security experts warn of new types of malware that threaten to publish instead of encrypt valuable, confidential information.


Right when internet users have learned to be wary of malware that encrypts files and holds them for ransom, security experts are warning that digital extortionists are taking more aggressive steps to get paid.


Instead of simply encoding files so that users can’t access them, some blackmailers armed with a new kind of malware called doxware are threatening to leak potentially sensitive files to the public if a ransom isn’t paid, says Chris Ensey, COO of Dunbar Security Solutions. Continue Reading

Australia an attractive target for criminal syndicates

Prepare for RANSOMWARE
With more and more high profile cyber security incidents being made public, awareness of the importance of cyber security continues to steadily increase.
Clive Lines Coordinator, Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) calls for a better understanding of the situation for a more informed and considered perspective.
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Crypto Virus

If you’re reading this because you have been infected, give us a call to get your data back: Ph: 3103 6763


Are you worried about not getting pictures, document or data back?
Not sure what Bitcoins are, how to buy them without being ripped off?
Worried about paying the ransom and not knowing if you get your data back?


Thousands targeted by ‘ransomware’ email scam which copies AGL Energy bills.

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Ring IT Australia’s Backup Protection Saves Business from Going Under

Take the risk out of IT in your business and enjoy fast recovery if disaster strikes.


Wynnum, Qld, Australia – 14th July, 2015


Gary & Sylvia owner’s of United Tools Wynnum are still in business today because of its smart decision to backup data offsite with an Australian IT service, Ring IT. Fire recently caused the company’s office to sustain significant fire damage, completely destroying their IT infastructure, their data and IT facilities.


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Should you Upgrade to Windows 10? In Short, No.

Windows 10 is finally out — kind of. Microsoft initially promised that everyone could take advantage of the free upgrade offer on July 29, but you may have to wait a while before Microsoft offers the upgrade to your PC.


We recommend holding off on Windows 10, at least for a little while.


Wait and see how stable Windows 10 is on other people’s PCs before you make the leap. That’s how Microsoft itself is choosing to roll out Windows 10


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Facebook is Making it Easier for Businesses to Chat Privately with Customers

Facebook announced August 5 that a new suite of features to make it easier for businesses to use its internal, private chat to talk to customers.


As a business owner, if a customer leaves a comment on your Facebook page, you now have the option to pick up the conversation in the privacy of a personal chat window. Before today, businesses could only respond to a customer through Facebook in the same window from which the customer initiated the communication.



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Microsoft now pushing Windows 10 via a notice suggesting you reserve a copy

The software giant announced that Windows 10 will officially roll out July 29. That means it will be available on any PCs you purchase as of that date — and as a free upgrade to your existing Windows 7 or 8.1 tablet or PC.


Ring IT does not recommend that you install this preview if you are not an IT professional or not professionally managing corporate PCs or devices.


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Google’s Next Big Algorithm Change. Are You Ready?

Huge Google Update Coming Your Way! Make sure you’re prepared.

If you have not heard, Google is about to release a huge update in the next few weeks. Specifically, April 21st. If your web sites have achieved great rankings online and your sites are at the top of the search results, this change could have a huge affect on your business. In fact, if you have Google Webmaster tools hooked up to your web sites, you might have already been getting notices to warn you about what it about to come down and to make sure your web sites are compliant. So, the question is… What is the main aspect of your site this change will target???
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Surface 3 Review: Finally, a cheap Surface you’d actually want

Once again, the third time’s the charm for Microsoft’s Surface lineup — for the most part. Last year’s Surface Pro 3 was the software giant’s most compelling implementation yet of its hybrid laptop/tablet concept.
Now we have the Surface 3, the third entry in its cheaper Surface lineup. And while it may look similar to its predecessors, it’s actually a completely different beast. It’s a $499 Surface tablet that can actually run all of the Windows programs you’re used to, not just Windows 8 apps.
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