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Ring IT Australia’s Backup Protection Saves Business from Going Under

Take the risk out of IT in your business and enjoy fast recovery if disaster strikes.


Wynnum, Qld, Australia – 14th July, 2015


Gary & Sylvia owner’s of United Tools Wynnum are still in business today because of its smart decision to backup data offsite with an Australian IT service, Ring IT. Fire recently caused the company’s office to sustain significant fire damage, completely destroying their IT infastructure, their data and IT facilities.



Smart planning meant every bit of their data was securely backed up with RingIT. As a result, they were able to continue to run their business, know who owed them money, who they owed money to and how much stock they had. Having their data available meant they could keep running their day to day business but just as importantly, it also enabled them to provide accurate information to insurers and other relevant services to get them back on their feet fast.


“Unfortunately, disasters like this can happen to any business at any time, RingIT’s cloud based technology helps you get your business back up and running as quickly and easily as possible if you have suffered an unfortunate incident,” says ….. RingIT’s  Olaf Bauer


Offsite data backup, cloud backup, online backup and disaster recovery services for Australian businesses have become essential because of an ever increasing reliance on ICT in the workplace.


Don’t risk losing everything. There are many reasons that data can be lost or corrupted and some of these include disgruntled employees deleting or not returning laptops, virus corruption and accidental file deletion. Additionally you may encounter hardware failure (*yes, even new hard drives fail!).


Free cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive can result in incomplete or insecure automatic backups run by company staff. RingIT ensures your data is secure and backed up by experts who will assist you to get back to work fast.


Disasters such as fire or break and enter, theft, lost or stolen laptops can also severely compromise the safety and security of your business and data.


You secure your car and home against unforeseen circumstances – it just makes sense to secure your business’ data and IT facilities. Isn’t it time you make sure you are properly backed up and using disaster recovery technology? RingIT is here to support your business in all your ICT backup and disaster recovery needs.


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