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Microsoft to announce Windows 9 in September?

Microsoft is tipped to unveil its latest desktop OS, Windows 9 “Threshold”, on 30 September.
The Verge claims a press event showing off the new OS is tentatively set for 30 September although it warns “this date may change”.
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Intel Next Unit in Computing

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing, or NUC for short, is now available in a fourth-generation Intel Core model, which gives it better performance and efficiency characteristics than the third-generation model that we reviewed two years ago.
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20 of the Best of Shortcut and Hotkey Tips for Your Windows PC

For those of you who like to use the quickest methods of getting things done on your computer, we have shown you many Windows shortcuts and hotkeys for performing useful tasks in the past.


This article compiles 20 of the best Windows shortcuts and hotkeys we have documented.

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Windows XP infection rates “six times higher” than Windows 8

Get off XP before April or face higher infection risks.

Windows XP is considerably more prone to malware infection than newer operating systems, Microsoft has said.
The company has warned on the dangers of running an unsupported operating system, ahead of its April deadline for ending extended support for Windows XP SP3 next year.
Microsoft found that while PCs running newer versions of Windows were just as likely as XP to come across malware, XP’s chances of actually being infected were higher. Compared with Windows 8, XP’s infection rate was almost six times higher.
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‘In denial’ XP users left vulnerable as Microsoft logs off

Microsoft will cease supporting its Windows XP operating system next April, leaving millions of enterprise users with no protection against new security vulnerabilities as they fail to upgrade despite more than two years’ warning.


The company says 10 per cent of all PCs in Australia, about 2.5 million, are still running XP. Globally the figure is much higher. StatCounter puts it at 21 per cent, Netmarketshare.com says XP is installed on 31.4 per cent of PCs globally. And the popular software’s share is not declining at the rate that might be expected: it has dropped only eight percentage points in the past 12 months, according to Netmarketshare.
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Ring IT attains ICTAA Accreditation

As part of the IT industry, we often hear alot of computer disaster stories. Usually the problem was cause by incorrectly installing something or that they thought their friend knew what they were doing. In this way, computer are just like cars; if you go for a backyard repair you get what you pay for.


So when we heard that a Queensland-based business was introducing some quality assurance to IT and Communications, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved. Now Ring IT is proud to one of the first businesses to be “checked out” by ICT Accreditation Australia and be awarded Level 3 – Business Continuity in Micro Business. Continue Reading

Windows XP SP3 & Office 2003 Support Ends Apr. 8, 2014

WHY? – Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows XP and Office 2003?

In 2002 Microsoft introduced its Support Lifecycle policy based on customer feedback to have more transparency and predictability of support for Microsoft products. As per this policy, Microsoft Business and Developer products, including Windows and Office products, receive a minimum of 10 years of support (5 years Mainstream Support and 5 years Extended Support), at the supported service pack level. Continue Reading

Microsoft Office comes to the iPhone

Microsoft is offering its Office application suite for iPhone users, the company said Friday, finally offering a version of the popular software for a platform other than Windows.


The new Office Mobile for iPhone is available free to Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 ProPlus subscribers. Office 365, launched two years ago, is the cloud version of the Microsoft Office application suite. Continue Reading

Motorola wants to replace passwords with pills and tattoos

The general strategy for safely maintaining several accounts is never to use the same password. Most of us have so many different accounts nowadays — email, bank accounts, productivity apps, games, and so on — that it becomes too difficult to remember them all, and creating a password keychain and backing it up can be a hassle. Also, typing out logins and passwords through two or more levels of security, though quick, is a pain. If you could have your accounts recognize you without having to enter any kind of information, would you be interested? Motorola, doing the best impression of a rockstar that it can, wants us all to get tattoos and take pills instead of type out passwords.
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Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 mini

Samsung has unveiled a smaller and less powerful version of its flagship Galaxy S4 handset as the world’s largest smartphone maker looks to widen its lead.


The Galaxy S4 mini features a 4.3-inch screen, 1.7 Gigahertz dual-core processor and 8-megapixel camera, but Samsung did not specify a price or say when it would be available.

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