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Should you Upgrade to Windows 10? In Short, No.

Windows 10 is finally out — kind of. Microsoft initially promised that everyone could take advantage of the free upgrade offer on July 29, but you may have to wait a while before Microsoft offers the upgrade to your PC.


We recommend holding off on Windows 10, at least for a little while.


Wait and see how stable Windows 10 is on other people’s PCs before you make the leap. That’s how Microsoft itself is choosing to roll out Windows 10


We recommend you don’t upgrade immediately. The free Windows 10 upgrade offer lasts an entire year. Now that Windows 10 is beginning to roll out, sit on the sidelines for a bit and see what other users report after upgrading. If there are widespread issues — or issues on your particular model of laptop, for example — you can avoid them. At the very least, wait a few weeks to see what the general experience of people upgrading to Windows 10 is before taking that leap.


After all, even if you want to upgrade, you may end up sitting on the sidelines for a while. Microsoft seems to agree that it’s crazy for a billion devices to upgrade on the same day, and that slower-than-promised Windows 10 rollout is designed to find bugs and fix them before more people encounter them. Hang back for a bit and you won’t be one of those early users who function as testers and find those initial bugs.


Of course, if you really want Windows 10, you can go grab the ISO image from Microsoft’s website and start the manual install process. And you should really consider creating an image of your PC before you upgrade to Windows 10, so you can more easily revert back to exactly where you were, and backups are never a bad thing. Backup your computer before upgrading!


Windows 10 seems like a worthy upgrade — once it’s stable enough. If you have a spare PC lying around that you tinker with and don’t use for anything important, it’s also a great place to install Windows 10 first. You’re also free to uninstall Windows 10 and revert back to Windows 7 or 8.1 if you encounter any problems, so even an upgrade to Windows 10 isn’t final. You just have to downgrade in the first month. You can upgrade to Windows 10 again in the future, once more problems have been ironed out.

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